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Demograffix: graffiti art experts

“Offering workshops and artwork in the community”


Demograffix is a company created by Mark in 2007. Its aim is to provide a high quality Graffiti Art service to a wide variety of clients.


After completing his Degree in Public and Community Art at Greenwich University, Mark moved to Stevenage in Hertfordshire, where he set about establishing his business as a Mural and Graffiti Artist.

His outstanding skills as a graffiti artist and easy-going nature soon attracted the attention of the young people with whom he carried out his first mural commissions. This swiftly led to a number of highly successful community projects, where Mark worked in close contact with the local youths to create exiting artwork as part of neighbourhood regeneration projects. As a result of this community involvement,  the artwork that has been created is highly respected by both young and old. The artwork is seldom defaced, and still looks good even after several years!


Demograffix is now well known in Hertfordshire, and widely respected for the quality of its artwork, unparalleled customer service and professional approach to each project - regularly exceeding expectations! 

Do you need a mural?

Or perhaps you are looking for a youth club activity to keep young people occupied and help them express themselves? Whether you want a mural painted for a specific purpose, or you wish to organise an artist's workshop at your school or youth club, Demograffix can help.

In calling Demograffix, you would be calling a company that takes graffiti art very seriously and believes that it can have a great galvanising effect on local communities.

Why get involved with graffiti art?

His experience in running workshops and painting murals for community projects has shown us why:

  • It is a modern art form that has the power to engage young people

  • Offers the chance to paint using a variety of different mediums, from the blank canvas of a concrete slab to items of clothing

  • Can be used for many promotional purposes, including adding artistic flair to retail shops, pubs and clubs, skate parks and even schools and youth clubs

  • Promotes an interest in art among people who may not otherwise connect with it, helping individuals realise the value of self-expression

So if you need a mural painted to brighten up your shop, school or youth club, why not find out more about commissioning Mark or booking him to run a workshop.


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