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This page takes a look at what some of my clients think of me as a person and as a business. As a self employed graffiti artist its great to recieve feedback, you can also leave comments on my home page.

Ashley Goldson & Tina Powell 
MBA Association

"We have known Mark for many years since he was a youth looking for somewhere to show his talent who worked on a mural at Bowes Lyon basketball court, which is still there today.

In more recent years Mark has created art pieces on our first office 'the pod' and our banner for our competition cheerleading squad MBA Allstars. Mark has also worked in many community areas producing large murals with the local youths, which again remain untouched.

His creativity knows no bounds and we have seen him work on the smallest t-shirt to the largest wall, all with equal dynamic impact. We shall always remember coming out of the pod on a daily basis to see that Mark had created yet another masterpiece on the grafitti wall in the park.

He is an excellent role for young people and his skill is certainly one that engages many at any one time. His calm manner ensures that even the most timid young person feels comfortable working with him.

We certainly look forward to many new projects together."


Bernadette Rump 
District Coordinator 
(Stevenage and North Herts)


"I have known Mark and his work as an artist for the past 18 months in my capacity as District Coordinator for Stevenage and North Herts.

Mark ran a graffiti arts workshop for young people from a county wide voluntary and community sector youth forum. The young people involved were aged 13-22 and from a variety of backgrounds, including marginalised and ‘hard to reach’ young people.

Mark engaged the young people well during the workshop – he has a way with young people which is supportive, allowing them to develop their skills during the session. The results of the session were exceptional – each young person having designed their own t-shirt with graffiti art despite differing ages and abilities. The feedback from the workshop by the young people was very good – all commenting that they enjoyed the session and felt they had achieved well.

I would recommend Mark to work with young people as:

His style of delivery allows young people to feel comfortable 
He is very supportive 
Engages well with young people of all abilities 
Has excellent ideas for art projects 
Has an extremely positive approach"


Nicola Kane 
Town Centres Manager 
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Hertfordshire AL8 6AE

"I was introduced to Mark about two and a half years ago when I was looking to commission an artist to help brighten up a number of boarded up shop fronts in Hatfield Town Centre.

I didn't want to just commission an artist to do the work, I wanted to engage with young people within the town centre, gets their views on what the artwork should look like and get them involved in the project.

Mark was able to do just that. He engages well with young people of various ages and abilities. He spent several weeks speaking with people, encouraging ideas before the designs were submitted and the work began.

During the project Mark had a number of young people involved, aged between 12-19, from various backgrounds, and Mark gave each one a great deal of time and support and encouraged their creativity.

At times our time frames were very demanding and Mark often faced numerous last minute challenges on the project, yet he always remained calm, positive and rose to the challenge every time.

We have now completed two fantastic shop front projects in Hatfield town centre which still remain untouched. I look forward to working with Mark again in the very near future."


Colleen Murphy 
Community Development Officer 
Great Ashby, St Nicholas & Martins Wood

“I have known Mark in my capacity as a community development officer for Stevenage Borough Council for four years.

I have worked with Mark to secure funding to enable him to deliver projects with young people in the neighbourhoods of Stevenage.

I would describe Mark as a very skilled and talented artist, and an extraordinary youth worker.

Mark is a good listener and really understands young people, he can communicate at all levels and uses his unique talents to engage with young people in a positive manner.

I wish Mark well in his future ventures and will watch his progress with keen interest”.



"I would like to say thank you to Mark for making my sons bedroom so cool, I would thoroughly recommend Mark he was extremely professional, on time, he worked hard and my kids loved the design he done, his work is second to none. Great artist."


Chloe Beckett 
Youth Officer for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

"I have known Mark for over 2 years as he has worked with me on a number of community art projects within Hatfield Town Centre.

These projects have been primarily focused youth diversion and have been very successfully in both engaging the hard to reach groups and those "at risk" of offending.

Mark has always demonstrated a professional and fully inclusive attitude to his work. He managed to engage young people extremely well, regardless of their abilities and backgrounds.

He also presents young people with a feeling of ownership and reward for the community art pieces that are created. And many of which have remained unspoilt since they have been created in areas which are usually graffitied regularly.

Mark is always willing to attend meetings and give up his time to contribute to meetings and planning sessions for these projects. And he will put the hours in where necessary to ensure the work is completed on schedule and of the highest quality.

Furthermore, Mark is an amazing artist in his own right and have to say that his artwork and skills are of exceptionally high quality and professional quality. Health and Safety matters are always at the forefront of his work and Mark does well and managing groups of young people by setting the boundaries and rules very clearly on those matters.

I would be delighted with work with Mark Tanti on any future Youth projects that arise again within our Borough and I would have no problem recommending him to anyone who wishes work with Mark in the future."


Darryl Watson 
HAFLS Outreach Worker

"I have worked with and known Mark for over 5 years and would recommend him as an artist as the impact he has had on so many young people has been brilliant.

He has worked hard with young people to pass on the skills and techniques that he has as an artist and has shown them alternate ways of expressing their creativity in a positive way and it has raised their confidence and self –esteem.

His work with referred young people who have been in trouble for graffitti has taught them that art does not have to be criminalised and in the right arena it will be appreciated and this has also raised their self-esteem and confidence.

Mark always approaches his work with patience and calmness with young people and always manages to get them to express their ideas and generate discussion.

Mark is a highly talented artist and great role model and is an example to young people of what Community Art is really about...."

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